The Crew

Dave Johnson - one of the best crew ever! F/V Dolly B - 2008-2012

Dave (Animal) has been skiff man for Perry and Tom since 1983, on and off, and before that he worked as deckhand for Woody (D. E. Woods)

Danny Johnson, Tom's nephew, F/V Dolly B - 2011

Noam and friend Mickel Erle Galdos worked together on the Dolly B in 2005. Mickel also worked the summer of 2004.

Marguerita Pitches Reds (Sockeye) Salmon 2004 Season

6 Responses to The Crew

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  2. William Farris says:

    I am currently looking for employment as deck hand on a salmon fishing boat. I attend school at Ucsd and live in San Diego. Please contact me at your convenience.

  3. Levi Peterson says:

    If you want to post a picture of an impressive crew, post a pic of the 2002 crew!
    The two hardworking Minnesota boys (Levi and Nate) knew how to get the job done!
    We were on the Marathon with Steve back then.

  4. Marguerita says:

    Hi Levi,

    I’ll see if Steve or Nate have a pic from then 🙂 You still fishing?

  5. Levi Peterson says:

    That would be great if they did!
    No, I have not since that summer. Just living the dream in the great state of MN!

  6. Bwana Kizito says:

    Not often does one see a polite comment from an ex-employee! I landed on this page due to a magazine of Seward Salmon whatever I was checking on an iPad. Just thought I should share coming from tens of thousands of miles away in Africa.

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