Oil Spill Response Training

Oil-Spill-ResponseEvery year for the past 26 years Tom and his boat have participated in the regional oil spill response training, instituted after the Exxon Valdez disaster in Prince William Sound.

Tom was badly impacted by the spill and he continues, with many others, to try to improve future responses to any similar disaster.

The Anchorage news team from KTVA channel 11 was on the water for the last training drill and took this footage of Tom’s boat training with oil containment equipment.

Here’s a link to the full story with video – http://www.ktva.com/oil-response-training-keeps-fishermen-prepared-for-a-spill-399/

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Working Together

Pre-season prep, repairs and improvements have taken up a lot of time but through it all brothers Tom and Steve make it happen. We all can’t wait for the first day of fishing! Here they both are working on the hatch covers for the DollyB, which needed a lot of TLC after 30+ years of fishing. They are on the last step of adding fiberglass and resin to the repairs Tom made.


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June 4, 2015

Tom saw the research boat looking for the leak but it was way off the mark. He launched his jitney, the Jubatus, and raced out to show the researchers exactly where the bubbling fuel was located. This is the third day in a row he was able to locate the sheen and bubbles on the surface of Resurrection Bay.


Here’s a close-up of Tom in the crow’s nest of the jitney as he heads back into the harbor in Seward.


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