The Salmon

The Buchanans work hard to bring you the freshest wild Alaskan salmon. Please check our the pages on our boats, our skippers, our crew and the recipes we use in our homes to prepare our own salmon.

We’ll use the blog to keep you up to date with how our fishing is going (and our extra projects) and links and information on where you can buy our fish.

You will find that there’s some opinion in what we write – after being invested in the wild salmon industry for over 30 years we think we know our salmon and what’s good for sustained commercial fishing in our area and what’s not. We don’t believe in farmed fish and we’ve had enough of aquaculture. The local aquaculture associations have done their utmost with millions (literally) of grant dollars to decrease wild stocks and run local fisherman out of business. We started fighting back in 2009 and we’re not going to stop.

Aquaculture is trying to kill independent commercial fishermen and wild stock, we literally watch them kill the wild stock to keep their engineered stock alive, and it isn’t sustainable. This “created” industry, that was started to help enhance natural runs has taken over and turned itself into a quasi-governmental institution that wants to sustain itself more than the fish stocks.


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